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5stars_Silvercore_Best_firearms_training_CFSC_PAL_course – I chose to take the optional online training and I downloaded the .pdf files for the non-restricted and restricted courses, and after completing the online training and reading the .pdf files, the classroom training was a breeze. – Jean-Paul


5stars_Silvercore_Best_firearms_training_CFSC_PAL_course –  In addition to the in person class I took the online course, which I enjoyed the platform, it was easy to navigate and fun to use to supplement the class. – Gif W


5stars_Silvercore_Best_firearms_training_CFSC_PAL_course –  I started with the online course about a week before my Firearm Certificate workshop. It was easy, entertaining, thorough, and the mini-tests kept me on my toes. I was surprised by how many details I retained for the course weekend, which meant that the instructor led training was mostly a review and my extra notes cemented it in. The instructors were great – again, entertaining and thorough – as well as genuinely awesome blokes. – A.G.


5stars_Silvercore_Best_firearms_training_CFSC_PAL_course – I completed my Restricted and Basic Firearms Safety Courses; with the benefit of the Online component prior to the classroom dates.

The Online materials were incredibly beneficial as I learn better with Audio-visuals than just straight reading. Plus, they helped focus on which elements were important, as all the printed material can be overwhelming.

I would strongly recommend spending a little more money….  just for the benefit of the Online materials. – Johnny M.