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The day is here! We’re so excited to announce the launch of our latest endeavour, the Silvercore Podcast. To get you up to speed, here is a brief snapshot of where we have come and where we are going….

Silvercore started as a sole proprietorship over 20 years ago and fully incorporated in 2003.

Silvercore derived its name from two of our founder’s grandparents, “Silver” Armeneau, and “Core” Cornelius Bader. Silver ran away from home at 12 years old and earned his living as a travelling motorcycle daredevil before going on to be a decorated WWII veteran and finally a Vancouver Police Detective.  “Core”,  Cornelius Bader, immigrated from the Netherlands and became a successful entrepreneur, running Bader’s Dutch Cookies, employing a large workforce which kept his product on store shelves on both sides of the border.

Silvercore holds on to and maintains the core values of our namesakes, and attracts co-workers who share in these values of hard work and pragmatism combined with daring and innovation to push, ourselves, our partners and the industry as a whole further.   Silvercore was the first company of it’s kind in Canada, delivering high-quality instruction to the general public as well as maintaining contracts with government and private industries in the fields of firearms training, consulting and defendable program creation and countrywide gunsmithing. Silvercore has trained the majority of active CFSC/CRFSC instructors in the lower mainland, created Canada’s first, and best, federal gun club, and as the leader in firearms training, has pushed the industry to new heights all well-supporting others across Canada to similarly achieve more.      

Now, we are proud to announce the brand new Silvercore Podcast! This is our chance to share, not only our knowledge with you but also to bring other industry leaders to the table so that they may share in their experiences, successes and failures so that others can build upon the groundwork that has already been laid.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, the path to success is rarely easy.  In fact, nothing truly worthwhile ever comes easy. So this is your chance to tune in and listen as we discuss hunting, fishing, firearms, the great outdoors, the industry in general as well as operating a business in an admittedly adverse environment all while focusing on positive, proactive measures that we curate to be of the highest value to you.

No Whining. No Politics. No B.S. We enjoy what we do, and we are going to share that enjoyment with you. We are Silvercore, and this is the Silvercore Podcast. 

You can listen to our podcast on Podbean and Apple iTunes. To find us on these apps, all you’ll have to do is search for ‘The Silvercore Podcast’, and while you’re there don’t forget to hit the subscribe button as you don’t want to miss an episode!

So without further adieu, here is our first podcast! In this episode we sit down with Nicholas Bolton and Paul Ballard, two retired police firearms instructors and we talk about:

– Becoming a firearms instructor

– Tips on reducing stress when shooting

– The difference between police and civilian firearms training

– How men and woman differ when learning to shoot

– U.S. vs Canadian firearms training

– The doctrine of recency and the doctrine of distance

– The greats such as Jeff Cooper, Jelly Bryce, Marty Hayes and others!

Take a listen, enjoy, and comment below with topics or speakers you want to hear on our podcast!



Travis Bader
Silvercore Inc.